Over the course of the last 8 years I have been an entrepreneur, running my own freelance company while putting myself through school to complete my bachelors in general studies with emphasis on accounting, business and marketing and my masters in business with emphasis on accounting and marketing. I also hold an associates in accounting.

As a freelancer I wear many hats; customer service agent, accountant, manager, human resource representative, copywriter, editor, proofreader, social media marketer and more. Not only do I do these tasks for my own business, I’ve also been contracted to do them for others.

·         MBA with classes in Accounting, Business, Leadership and Marketing
·         BA with classes in Accounting, Business, Leadership and Marketing
·         Accounting diploma/certification
·         20 years Accounting experience
·         Type 70+ WPM
·         Data Entry
·         Excel knowledge
·         7 Years Proofreading and Editing Experience
·         15 Years Sales Experience
·         20 Years Customer Service Experience
·         15 Year Retail Merchandise Experience
·         10 Year eCommerce Experience

My home office is established and ready for work in a quiet environment.  I’m a highly organized, dedicated, self-starter.  In addition, I have extensive office experience as well as excellent communication skills. I always maintain a mature, gracious, and professional manner when communicating with people, even when difficulties arise.


Chrystal Mahan, author of Easy Accounting for the Self-Employed and owner of the website Self Employed Writer, has been working from home off and on for 15 years. Solely for the last 7.

She holds Associates in Accounting degree, a Bachelors in General Studies degree with majors in Marketing, Business and Accounting. She recently completed her Masters of Business. 

Her foodie website YUM eating shares the taste of life, in and out of the kitchen.

There are also  30 and counting pieces of fiction published under a pen name.

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