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    My rate is $16/hr for social media and accounting services. You can find me on UpWork.

    Please bookmark Neat Ledgers; my accounting service website. Rates for service will be listed there.

    This tax season I will be available to do taxes. Please contact me for more details.

    me (at) chrystalmahan (dot) com

    My Experience in the accounting field:

    My education in the accounting world started in high school. Prior to that I always told people I was going to grow up to be a lawyer! My law teacher encouraged me to take his Recordkeeping class. From there I was hooked; taking the Bookkeeping, Accounting I and Accounting II courses offered at my high school. My teacher was my mentor and he was awesome. He encouraged my education in Accounting and would even send letters home to my mother with words of encouragement.

    I started classes at Oklahoma State University in Stillwater,OK. I went to school part-time while working. I worked for the same retail company for 10 years and the plan was when I was done with college, the accountant would retire and I would take her place.

    That never happened. I ended up taking a job at a bank, which led me to a CPA firm where I learned about taxes. My love for taxes and accounting grew as my experience involved construction companies, architectural firms, interior design firms, nursing homes, and virtual clients.

    Life got in the way of my college education, but I never stopped learning. I obtained accounting certification and eventually found my way back to college earning my bachelors in 2011 and then I went on to complete my masters in 2013.

    I have been doing accounting in some way, shape, or form for 20 years. 


    Let's discuss your business needs.


    Detroit, MI