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    No. You don't need to adjust your monitor. That really is me making a goofy face. My ex wanted a picture when my MBA diploma came in the mail. So, I grabbed my BA that I just received two years prior and posed for this photo. I know. I'm hysterical.

    I've been doing this blog thing for about 20 years. Long before most knew what a blog was. The first blog I had go worldwide was in 2004/5. Over the last few years I have noticed that everyone wants to blog; especially now that it's known you can earn a decent income from being a professional blogger.

    One thing I have found though is that there are a lot of people tooting their own horns, but they aren't really providing you with details on who they REALLY are. As in, what makes them more of an expert in their field. So many say they are trained in this or that but you don't really see their proof.

    I want to change that.

    Here is a list of my credentials. Some will have photos  or links, others won't. As time goes on, I hope to have digital proof of all of them.



    MBA - Master of Business Administration - General Business- with studies in Accounting, Marketing and Business, 2013
    BA - Bachelor of General Studies with studies in Accounting and Marketing and a minor in General Business, 2011
    Technical Diploma, Accounting, 2002


     Cash & Receivables (refresher course)
    Bitcoin for Accountants

    Just For Fun:

    Certificate of Nutritional Leadership, 2014

    Paleo Cuisine, 2015

    the rest are coming soon! 


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